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Melon Varieties

The following are some of our most popular melons. They all have their unique qualities and ripen at different times in the season. Come and try tasters at our farmers market stand and decide for yourself which is the perfect melon for you!



Ambrosia Aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth.

Amy A canary type melon with a smooth bright yellow skin that darkens to a deep golden yellow when ripe, with flesh that is juicy and a granular texture like watermelon. For a crisper, less sweet melon, cut while it is still in the bright yellow phase.

Ananas A white-fleshed melon with a mellow yet rich flavor.

Atlantis One of our most popular muskmelons, with a classic medium-firm flesh, consistently with a sweet, clean flavor.

Charentais A small french melon, perfumed and soft-fleshed.

Crane A soft crenshaw type, very sweet and flavorful. Orange-fleshed.

Crenshaw Just a fabulous melon. You haven't lived until you've eaten a crenshaw. Soft orange flesh and a smooth yellow exterior. A bigger melon.

Divergent Classic orange flesh with a medium firmness and a fantastic flavor.

Double Dew A cross with the the flavor of a honeydew, but the texture of a classic cantaloupe. Smooth pale green exterior. A larger melon.

Dream Dew Our honeydew, green inside and very sweet.

Galia A lovely pale green-fleshed variety that is soft and highly perfumed, with a greener yet slightly more musky scent than a conventional muskmelon. It turns from a green exterior to yellowish when ripe.

Goddess Softish, orange, mild-flavored. Medium size.

Ha Ogen An Israeli melon with a smooth yellow skin and green stripes, and green inside. Like Galia, it has a slightly more musky flavor than traditional muskmelon, yet still very sweet.

MinervaOur largest melon, great for feeding a crowd (or someone who really loves cantaloupe!) This one runs 6-8 lbs. and has a medium to firm texture and a great flavor.

Papaya DewA cantaloupe/honeydew cross like Double Dew, but with a firmer texture in a smaller package.

Tuscan Our most beloved melon. Classic cantaloupe flavor and juicy, but with perfect medium firmness that will hold up in a fruit salad.

ShockwaveOur most firm melon, perfect for wrapping prosciutto around!

Sugar Cube Perfect as a single-serving melon; no leftovers to wrap up and keep in the refrigerator! It is also a great keeper, so you can get several and cut open a fresh one every day. Sugar Cube has a bold flavor, medium sweetness, and tends toward a firm texture.

Super Star A large, deeply lobed handsome fruit with sweet medium--to-firm flesh.





Sweet Beauty

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